Ground zero

We’ve all got to start somewhere, I tend to like to start at the beginning. 

So Yesterday morning I bounced out of bed, (I tend to bounce whether I want to or not as is the way of the morbidly obese) and plopped on the scales. After they stopped screaming, they read that I was 27 Stone and 3/4 of a lb. Heavier than Carl Frampton sitting on Anthony Joshua’s shoulders, but with more paunch than punch. First_weigh_in.jpgOf course, I’d already decided to write the blog and set the wheels of change into motion. In typical Davy Hamilton style I had to go for a last supper before going cold turkey in my efforts to transform my sack of spuds physique into something resembling mankind .


I’d bought Lisa a number of Groupon coupons for her Birthday and they had remained unused due to my never being around due to other commitments (a recurring theme) 


We had one for Burger , Chips and a drink at the Hotplate Noshery  so gave it a whirl.

As you can see the burger didn’t disappoint. This Man v Food , the man always wins. Even chomped a bit of Lisa’s lol.

It was a good way to go. 

It’s all calorie counting and portion size from here on in.

Join me tomorrow for weigh in 2 after day one of my new beginning 



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