About Me

Hi I’m David 46 and from Belfast, Northern Ireland. I’m married with a wonderful wife Lisa and have 4 children aged from 9-21

2016 was a terrible year for me health wise.

I suffered from a long bout of diahorrea that caused a cancer scare for a while. Thankfully, a CT scan at the Cancer Unit at Belfast  City Hospital gave me the all clear.

I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes since about 2010, it’s a hereditary condition, though the fact that I’m 27 stone and a food addict hasn’t helped the situation.

My weight has put pressure on my heart and I’ve suffered with hypertension for a long time. I’m on numerous drugs for this and it can be controlled, when I can be controlled,  and remember to take them.

I hadn’t been good in October and a health screening at work had my occupational health nurse considering sending for an ambulance . She was frightened I might take a heart attack. I managed to fob her off with the fact I was due to see my diabetic nurse that weekend. I was also under increased duress in work as my job was being offloaded to a lower cost producer in Morocco.

As part of my diabetic care, my bloods and urine are screened twice a year to see how my various body levels are functioning. The last screen hi-lighted that my liver capabilities has dipped significantly. This resulted in a trip to Antrim Hospital and an ultrasound scan. Again, it came back all clear. The consultant at the City Hospital has said it might be just ban anomaly and I’ve to go back for more blood and urine testing at the end of this month.

As a result, I’ve decided to give it a real go and lose some weight, take more exercise and ensure I take my meds as prescribed.

I have to say that I have wonderful support from my medical practitioners at Notting Hill Medical practice. To aid me in my weight loss I’ve been prescribed a new diabetic drug called Empagliflozin which basically takes the sugars from your body and makes you pass them in your Urine. I’ve also been prescribed Orlistat which is a fat inhibiting  pill which blocks the digestion of fat and your body passes it in your stools.

Both pills are expensive and will only be re-prescribed if they are getting results. Orlistat is only allowed to be given in short bursts as long term use can have detrimental effects on the body.

My biggest challenge will be facing my food demons.

I have an addiction to Diet Pepsi. I can drink anything up to 4 litres a day, though I’ve been nearer 2 for a while.

I also suffered from binge eating, brought on by boredom, rather than hunger. I also reach for the food when I stress. I stress a lot!!! Not that I should stress, I’m good at my job, have a wonderful home life, great family and I’m good with money.

It started at Grammar School, I struggled to stay in touch with the super brainy, not through lack of ability, but a lack of interest. Books don’t interest me. I’d rather have spent my time kicking a ball or chasing one which sounds bizarre for a fat kid , but was true.

Problem I had  was, I’d then stuff my face with crisps and chocolate as soon as I got home and this still rings true today.

I’m hoping by writing this blog I can pressurise myself to succeed, by putting my struggles out there, making myself give regular updates and also put a bit of time into it that won’t have me reaching for the comfort foods.


Hopefully, this is a new beginning and not a mid life crisis!







2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. All right big man – listen mate, you’ve done it before, you can do it again – this time though you’ve more to gain in getting healthy, look around you. Keep the faith!

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